Ego 11 vs Lv1 (Which One Should I Choose)

You must be tired of looking out for a good comparison. And you should actually not go for one without looking at it.

Because you would not want to make a mistake like this. But don’t worry about the comparison anymore!

So, which one do I get between ego 11 vs lv1?

Lv1 has a much more steady balance and grip than the Ego 11. However, Ego 11 has more speed than Lv1. In addition, Ego 11 is great with accuracy whereas lv1 is okay. The looks of Ego 11 are unique but Lv1 is typical. However, the cost of lv1 is less than the cost of Ego 11.

This is a very simple and quick comparison that you may get. But you would get every detail here if you read along.

So, get started now!

A Quick Comparison

Once you have a look at the quick comparison, you get a brief. And that is when it becomes easier for you to get started. So, here you go.

FeaturesEgo 11


AverageVery Steady









Around $1200

Around $1050

This gives you a heads-up to the main part!

Ego 11 vs Lv1: A Detailed Comparison

Now, you have come up with a quick comparison. So, it is time to get started with the details of the features. And here you go.

1. Comfort and Balance

When you are getting a new paintball gun, you first look at its comfort. You see how easy or hard it is to hold and balance. So, here it is.

Ego 11

The Ego 11 paintball gun is very thin and it almost feels like holding steel. These guns are so thin that if you have bigger hands, it would be a problem.

No, it is not gonna be a major problem though. But it is actually easier for children to hold it as these are really thin.

In addition to it, you would not get any grip on it. These paintball guns are just basic in terms of any grips or anything like that.

However, this doesn’t mean in any way that you can not hold these guns properly. Just because you are not getting any additional grips doesn’t mean it is inconvenient.


On the other hand, the Lv1 paintball guns are much easier to hold and balance. The front and rear grips have linings that enable them to hold you easily.

So that you are comfortable when you are playing with these guns. The grip is kind of rubbery. And as a result, your hands may sweat if you play for a long time.

Thus, that might be a problem if you sweat too much. However, you can not overlook the facility of that rubbery grip though.

In addition, there is an internal lpr with these guns. This would allow the user to hold up the gun even higher when needed. And it is stretched a long way like a luxe.

Remember that you can add aftermarket handgrips just like the pistols.


In terms of comfort and balance, lv1 paintball guns win. This is because these have got better grips than that of ego 11 paintball guns.

2. Speed

You need to have a look at the speed of the paintball guns. Because this is how you can play games with fun knowing the actual speed.

Ego 11

You will undoubtedly enjoy the Ego 11 paintball guns’ rapid-fire capability. mostly because it is as quick as a paintball gun can be.

An Ego 11 paintball gun typically shoots at a speed of about 90 meters per second. And on occasion, it can even move at a faster rate.

In actuality, using an Ego 11 paintball gun is really smooth. With little force, you can softly pull the trigger. And then the paintball gun would fire upward.

As a result, it is quite simple to quickly operate the Ego 11 paintball guns.


The lv1 paintball guns, however, aren’t precisely the same. Its shooting quickness is what sets it apart first.

The average shooting speed of Lv1 is 80 meters per second. However, it occasionally goes beyond that as well.

It is acceptable in terms of smoothness. For example, it is not as smooth as paintball guns at level 1. You should not undervalue its smoothness, though.


So, if you are looking at the speed, the Ego 11 paintball guns win. Because they have more speed than the lv1 paintball guns. So, you can get a competitive edge here when you are playing against someone.

3. Accuracy

The accuracy of the paintball guns must be considered as it’s one of the main things. You would not enjoy playing if your gun has not got enough accuracy.

Ego 11

The accuracy of the Ego 11 paintball guns is generally passable. These don’t fall below or rise above the firearms’ normal or average accuracy.

You wouldn’t be dissatisfied using these paintball guns as a result. You shouldn’t expect any specialist targeting accuracy from these paintball guns, either.

As a result, the paintball gun has an average aim. Also, keep in mind that using it to aim is not difficult.


The precision of ego 11 is inferior to that of lv1 paintball guns. These paintball pistols have accuracy that is above average.

Keep in mind that these paintball guns also have a quite simple aiming. because the barrel on these weapons is more advanced than the barrel on many other weapons.

By employing these paintball weapons, you gain a competitive advantage in aim and accuracy.


In terms of the accuracy, lv1 paintball guns win. Because these guns have even more accuracy than the Ego 11 guns.

4. Looks

You know you can not overlook the looks or appearance of the guns. You definitely look at it when you buy.

Ego 11

Ego 11 guns are very thin you already know. However, the looks are something that you would definitely like. Because these paintball guns actually come in a variety of looks.

By the varieties, we mean the color of the guns mainly. You can expect a wide range of colors for these paintball guns. If you want to go for a solid color then that is okay.

And if you want stripes or like a mixture of multiple colors then you get that too. You also get these guns that look like military guns.

Being specific about the color, you can expect black, white, yellow, green, and many more. Thus, you do not have to think about the lack of color variation.


In contrast to the looks, the lv1 paintball guns are kind of typical. That means you may not have a wide range of choices about the looks for these

However, it’s not like you would not get any variation in the looks and color. Yes, you would get to choose from a range like ego 11. 

However, the range of choice might not be as big as that of Ego 11. Because these lv 1 paintball guns are mostly available in grey or white colors.


So, if you count on the looks of the paintball guns, Ego 11 comes first! Because these paintball guns have more varieties in looks for the customers to choose from.

5. Cost

Cost is the final factor that you may want to consider prior to the purchase. And you can not actually never overlook the fact of pricing.

Ego 11

The Ego 11 paintball guns are generally something expensive. You need to have a set and solid budget to get one of these guns.

So, what would be the cost of an Ego 11 paintball gun? Well, one piece of these guns costs around $1200. Remember this is an average price that you may come across.

Thus, the price of these guns can go up depending on a few things. However, the price would not go much higher or lower than the one mentioned.


Just like the Ego 11 paintball guns, lv1 paintball guns are expensive too. However, these are a bit lower in price than the Ego 11.

To be specific, you need to set a budget of around $1050 for a gun. So, to have a piece of these guns, you need to spend less than Ego 11.

You can see that the price of these guns is not that less actually. However, the amount lessened which is about $100 or $150 is not less.

This is understandable once you go for the purchase.


If you are wondering about the price then lv1 paintball guns win. Because you can get some of your money saved if you go for these.

Which One Do I Choose Now?

Now, if you are still confused, take a look here. If you think your priorities are balance and accuracy, go for lv1. In addition, these are less expensive.

But if you go for the speed and looks, you better get Ego 11. So, if you want to get these now, here you go.

Hope this helps!


Are these paintball guns fast?

Yes, these paintball guns are actually faster than they are expected to be. They are much underrated as they are called paintball guns. However, these guns are not as fast as the real guns used by forces. The speed of these paintball guns is about 90 meters per second or 300 feet per second.

Does it actually hurt to get hit by a paintball gun?

No, it does not hurt at all when someone is hit by a paintball gun. You may notice that players are often hit by paintball guns. But they do not even recon that they are hit. Because the pain is really mild and it goes off just in a few seconds. So, you can be tension-free with this.

The Final Words

Now you know about the differences between ego 11 vs lv1! So, you can easily check the list off and get the one your way.

And remember one thing when you are choosing one from a list. You may see that the goods or products are very similar. In that case, see which one has a better marginal benefit. And go for that.

All the best!

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