How to Attach Goggles to Fast Helmet (Explained)

Goggles are extremely necessary for safety when you are riding a bike at high speed. However, people are often clueless about how to attach them to fast helmets.

We understand if you’re struggling with a similar issue.

So, how to attach goggles to fast helmet?

First, you will need to select a helmet shroud for your goggles. Then, simply attach the goggles to the helmet shroud. After that, ensure the shroud and mount compatibility is stable. Then, you have to get the suspension system. And finally, you have to get the counterweights for the balance. 

This is not all. You’ll need to know much more than this to attach the goggles properly. This article has a step-by-step guideline just for you! 

So, what’s the holdup about? Let’s get started, shall we?

How to Attach Goggles to Fast Helmet (5 Steps)

Previously, we learned about the steps to attach goggles to your fast helmet. Now, let’s have a deeper look at those steps to get a better idea:

Step 1: Getting a Helmet Shroud

Choose the appropriate helmet shroud for your goggles as your first step. Standard and counterbore helmet shrouds are the two basic varieties.

Most goggles sold today will fit with standard helmet shrouds. 

However,  wearing a certain brand or type of goggles with a big lens aperture is different. For this, you must employ a counterbore helmet shroud.

You must fasten the appropriate helmet shroud to your helmet after making your choice.

To achieve this, place the shroud such that it is parallel to the aperture. It could be on the top side or on the sides of your helmet. 

Using the screws that come with the shroud, you may fasten it to the helmet. Do this after it has been installed to ensure safety.

Step 2: Attach Your Goggles to the Chosen Shroud

During the first step, you choose a helmet shroud for your goggles. Now, you will be attaching the goggles you got with the helmet shroud you chose.

Look closely at your helmet shroud. You will find an opening on it.

Now, you will have to find the mount on your goggles. Then, align in parallel to the opening on your helmet shroud that you spotted earlier. And finally, attach the goggles to the helmet shroud.

It’s that simple!

Step 3: Ensure Compatibility Between Shroud and Mount

Your goggles’ shroud and mount must be compatible in order for them to function properly.

Almost all shrouds that are available now are compatible with the majority of goggles. 

However, several manufacturers and types of goggles employ a unique mount. As a result, you will have to utilize a unique shroud designed for all those specific goggles.

It’s okay if you are unsure whether the shroud and mount on your goggles are suitable.

We advise contacting the maker of your goggles or the merchant where you bought them. Experts will likely assist you in making the best helmet shroud choice for your specific vision system.

Step 4: Get a Suspension System

You will require both a suspension system along with the helmet shroud. Actually, your goggles are secured to your helmet by this method.

Over the head and under the chin suspension systems are the two primary categories.

The more popular and often simpler-to-operate suspension systems are over-the-head suspension systems.

Even when you are wearing them, under-the-chin suspension systems give a more tight grip and are less prone to fall away.

You must fasten the appropriate suspension system to your helmet after making your choice. To do this, adhere to the guidance provided along with the suspension system.

 Before putting on your goggles, it is crucial to check sure the suspension system remains correctly set. It won’t fit you securely and be difficult to put on when it’s just not correctly set.

Step 5: Getting Proper Counterweights

You might also need to utilize counterweights in conjunction with your suspension system. Your goggles’ weight is balanced on your helmet using these counterweights. 

This makes it less likely that the goggles will slide down your face. It also prevents the goggles from coming off while you’re wearing them.

You must fasten your counterweight to the rear of the helmet if you’re using one. You can easily accomplish this by adhering to the counterweight’s given instructions.

What If the Goggles Are Night Vision Ones?

The goggles that you are using could be night vision goggles, right? There are certain things that you need to keep in mind for the night vision goggles.

What kind of light source you’re going to utilize is among the most crucial factors here.

You need to take this into account while assembling your night vision helmet. Infrared and visible light sources are the two basic categories.

The most typical kind of light source used in night vision installations is infrared light.

The night vision goggles are able to detect invisible infrared rays that they release. You can see, because of this, even in full darkness.

Although less frequent, a visible range of light sources can be utilized in certain circumstances.

The night vision goggles are able to detect the light waves that sources of visible light generate. You can see in dim light thanks to this!

There are two different settings for these two forms of lighting: ambient light and directional light.

A light source that’s also aimed in a particular direction is used in directional light installations.

You can see in full darkness courtesy of this. But you can also use it to blind others who are staring at you.

Some ambient lighting configurations project light everywhere around you, such as toward the walls and ceilings.

The night vision goggles will be able to detect details with better transparency. For this, they avoid shining a lot of light straight on an item,

Whenever you strap on the night vision goggles, the position matters.

It is crucial to verify that the light source is positioned correctly. Here, we are mentioning two amazing night vision goggles for you:

Hopefully, you’ll love using them!

It’s needless to say that you should also consider the night vision goggles themselves. Choose the right one for your fast helmet. 

Due to their small size and lightweight, night vision goggles are simple to use. 

But, you will have to wear the gear constantly on your head. People might feel uneasy due to their weight. So, pay close attention to how much your gadget weighs. 

Additionally, confirm that the moveable monocular attachment on the helmet suits you. It should adjust with the overall dimensions of each head or helmet. The same goes for skull crushers, 

These Goggles are by far the most practical night vision gear for lengthy observation and circumstances. In these situations, it’s crucial to have your hands free.

Should You Use Quick Straps for Attaching Goggles?

There is always confusion about the helmet straps. Should you use goggles straps or quick straps? Let’s find out!

Quick straps are a very useful way to connect goggles to fast helmets. The adaptable quick Straps may easily take the place of the goggle strap. 

On the left, the goggles are securely snapped into the helmet. And on the right, they are attached in a variety of ways using a reliable Velcro fastening.

As a result, it just takes a few seconds to “put on and take off” the goggles. You can do this even when you are on the move. 

For those who wear goggles, quick straps are just excellent. Especially for quick circulation of the optical lenses underneath the Enduro goggles.

Nearly all cross goggles that are readily available on the market will fit properly with these quick straps.

So, we highly recommend you use quick straps when you attach goggles to your helmet.


Are mesh goggles for airsoft safe to use?

The fact that they aren’t as secure as Perspex goggles is their lone drawback. Because of the gaps in the wire mesh, if a BB strikes your goggles and smashes, the polymer fragments might get through. They might strike your eye, perhaps rendering you blind.

Why do we use bump helmets?

To avoid head bumps, people use bump helmets. However, choosing a decent bump helmet is more difficult than simply understanding the equipment’s primary function. The finest versions are those that can be used as a hard hat. They should stop piercing and include attachment points for gear.

How can I prevent the fogging up of my airsoft goggles?

Goggles fogging up may be substantially prevented with advanced planning. Anti-fog “sprays” for use before the game are one approach to achieve this. It’s as easy as applying some to the interior and exterior of the goggles. You can use a dry wipe or microfiber cloth to delicately wipe out the remainder.

End Note

Hopefully, now you understand how to attach goggles to fast helmet. Following these simple guidelines should do the trick for you!

Do make sure that you are buying authentic products since there are many replicas of these.

That’s all from us today. Till next time, adios!

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