How to Remove G&G Flash Hider? (360 Guidelines)

You might want to know what is the widely asked question among the shooters. Well, that has to be regarding flash hider. Sometimes it is troublesome to remove the flash hider if you don’t know the proper manner. 

So, how to remove the g&g flash hider?

Well, it depends on how your flash hider is attached with. If it is attached glue, then you have to go for drilling. And after drilling, you have to heat the hider to unscrew it in case of stiffness.

If the flash hider is attached with a screw, then it’s quite easy. You just need a wrench for the removal of the flash hider.

Is It Possible to Remove Flash Hider?

Irrespective of the model of your device or how old is it, you can easily remove the flash hider. Some flash hiders are attached with glue. Some of them are attached with screws.

You can follow the removal procedure depending on how the flash hider is linked.

As the glue is used for permanent attachment, it is a bit difficult to remove. However, sometimes it is not removable for some particular device type. 

What Is The Purpose Of Flash Hider?

Flash hider plays a vital role during shooting. It is actually an extension of the main gun tube, through which the shot is delivered. And the flash hider is a kind of bloom reducer. 

The muzzle blast caused the bloom. So, while viewing through a night google, the bloom might cause you trouble. And the flash hider exactly reduces the trouble caused due to the bloom while viewing through a night google. 

Another role of the flash hider is to clear the vision of the shooter during night-time shooting. It clears the night vision as well as clears the ability to see the target clearly in low light.

cm16 raider flash hider, a popular flash hider that has pretty much the same removal process.

How to Remove G&G Flash Hider: Step-By-Step

Removing g&g flash hinder is a combination of some simpler steps. However, the thing you actually have to be concerned about is how the flash hinder is attached. It can either be attached through glue or through a screw. 

1. Removing G&G Flash Hider Attached With Glue

It is a bit difficult to remove the flash hider which is attached with glue. Let us know the details steps in the following:

Step 1:

Firstly, you have to start with is by drilling the flash hider. It is very important to drill it very consciously into the thread. Do not take the risk to cut it deep into the device’s body. 

Drill till the time you see a gap or crack in the hider like a whole of the screwdriver so that you can insert a screwdriver into it. 

Step 2:

Now insert the perfect-sized screwdriver through the whole so that you get the right grip. Try to turn back and forth so that you can move the flash hider. And that way you can unscrew it from the muzzle. 

Step 3:

It’s sometimes hard to get the hider to move while glued. Here the trick is to heat the glued part. Try to use a blowtorch for heating. 

You have to ensure that you are not overheating the place. It might melt the plastic and that would be even more troublesome. To heat the place evenly, keep moving the torch back and forth. 

Step 4:

Try to move the flash hider with the help of the screwdriver after heating, you might see a movement.

And unscrew the flash hinder. You might still find hard glue clogged in the gun pipe. Try to scrape that out as clearly as you can. 

So now you know how to remove the orange tip from an airsoft gun. Hope you find the remedies easy and helpful for your device. 

2. Removing G&G Flash Hider Attached With Screw

Removing the flash hider attached with a screw demands a bit different process. Let us know the steps briefly.

Step 1:

The very first step is to insert a screwdriver through the screw hole. If the hole is not big enough, try to drill a bit so that you can insert the screwdriver in it. 

Step 2: 

Try to unscrew the flash hider by revolving the screw around the gun mouth. Sometimes you can unscrew it easily, sometimes it is jammed for not removing it for longer. 

Step 3:

If you find it hard to move, then go for breaking it. Try to break the flash hider part by part. It might be messy as well as time-consuming. But this is how you can remove it easily.

Step 4:

Finally, when all the plastic chunks are removed, try to focus on smaller pieces. Remove smaller plastic particles as precisely as possible. 

For doing this part, you can also go for setting a suppressor. G&G cm16 srs suppressor is a common one among suppressors. Following that way, it would be able easier to remove the small chunks. 

So that was the process of removing the flash hider attached through the screw. 

We have some suggested products for you to guide you throughout your removal journey. We can ensure these would be your best pick for this process.

Hope the products were helpful enough to solve all your issues regarding flash hider removal. 

Things You Should Keep in Mind While Removing G&G Flash Hider

Although the steps are pretty simple for removing a G&G flash hider, you need precautions. You must not want to ruin your weapon while removing it. And that’s why every step is simple yet crucial to follow. 

Let us know what we should be remembering while changing the g&g flash hider.

  • While unscrewing the flash hider, make sure you don’t force it too much. You might unscrew it in the wrong direction forcefully. It will hamper your gun. 
  • While heating up the gun, do not overheat. Also, make sure you are not heating in one place much. It would be troublesome for you if the flash hider gets melted there due to overheating.
  • It is very important to choose the right-sized screwdriver for unscrewing the flash hider. That would make your work easier and the risk of damaging the weapon become less. 
  • While drilling on the flash hider, check every time after drilling a smaller portion. There is a chance of the machine touching your weapon surface. 
  • If you are still having difficulties with any of the steps, stop right there. Ask for the help of an expert who can do the job perfectly.

These are the few safety measures that you should be aware of while removing the flash hider. Hope you will keep these steps in mind while doing it on your own. 


What are the uses of an airsoft flash hider?

The basic purpose of the flash hider is to hide the muzzle flash. And airsoft does pretty much the same. However, airsoft adds on some extra feature which is the outlook. It improves the outlook of the gun from ordinary ones. In fact, you would find several options to go for with your preferable one. 

Are the pin and the welded flash hider removable?

Yes, you can remove the pin and the welded flash hider. And once you are sure of the pin and welded flash hider is removed, you can use a wrench. The wrench will help you to remove the flash hider. You should check if it unscrews automatically or not. If it is not removable with a wrench, go for Loctite.

Basic difference between a flash hider and a muzzle brake?

Flash hider and muzzle brake are pretty much the same in functionality. However, there are some minor differences. The muzzle gas redirects the muzzle gas. It also helps to reduce the climb and recoil of the arm right after shooting. On the other hand, flash hider clears the vision of the shooter at nighttime. 

Final Word

Hope you found the article relevant to your query about how to remove g&g flash hider. It’s a simple yet very crucial activity for shooters, so it has to be perfectly done.

One final tip does not to overheat or heat in one place, which might damage your gun. 

That was it for this time. Safe shooting!

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