How to Remove Orange Tip with Pin (5 Easy Methods)

It is frustrating to see an orange tip on top of your favorite gun. You definitely want to remove it for the fun.

Here we will see how to remove the orange tip with a pin. You will be fascinated by the way we explore the different methods.

To remove the orange tip, stay a little careful when using a drill machine or a dremel. There are other easy methods such as using a knife to bring the pin out. You can also apply other methods like using Allen Key and plastic bands. For a better grip on the tip, you can drip it in the hot water.

The five methods are outlined so that you are satisfied with the product you have purchased. This is removing your headache since you will be equipped with more knowledge about the orange tip.

So, without stretching things further, let’s get started!

5 Easy Methods to Remove the Orange Tip with a Pin

Removing an orange tip is not difficult. Since you want to remove it safely, there are five methods you use to do so. As sad as it gets, knows why you need an orange tip on an airsoft gun.

Method 1: Use a Drill Machine

Orange tips with pins are usually glued to the barrel of the airsoft gun. Glued tips are easy to take off. You need a small drill machine for that.

Remember, when learning removes the orange tip with a pin from an airsoft gun, you need to be careful. Otherwise, you may damage the barrel of the gun. You definitely don’t want that.

Use the drill machine gently because you will be drilling a very small area. Drill away some of the plastic that is there around the pin. You will see tiny edges that are forming holes around the pin. 

Do not make the hole appear bigger by drilling too much. Have an instinctual understanding of how deep you can drill.

After you have drilled enough, you will see that the pin is being exposed. This means some part of the pin is sticking out at the front. 

Now you can safely use a plier to pull out the pin.

However, when the pin is out, you may be tempted to remove the orange tip right away. Do not do that as there is a little more thing to do with the drill. 

Go towards the back of the orange tip. This is exactly opposite to the area where the pin was placed.

Make a small drill around that area. Just push the pressure button of the drill once and stop it. This will make some of the plastic scratches out from the glued barrel. 

When you have drilled the opposite ends of the orange tip, it will break the glue. So, all you have to do is use a plier to take the tip-off. 

Method 2: Dipping in Hot Water

The orange tip of airsoft gun is threaded with a barrel inside. The orange tips with pins are usually glued over the round barrel. 

These orange tips are usually made of plastic. Whereas, the barrel inside is made of metal.

Boiled water can be very useful when you are removing glued plastic from metal. 

The heat of the boiling water would soften the glue. Boil the water for about one to two minutes. Then dip the front end of the gun into the boiled water. 

Keep the front end in the water for a few seconds and then gently take it out. Then use a plier to remove the plastic tip. 

The boiled water would soften the plastic. So, it would be easy to take the tip off. 

See if you can remove the front end from the gun. This will make the removal of the orange tip easier. 

With some brands of airsoft guns, you will be able to remove the front end. With this, you can easily turn the metal area clockwise to remove the plastic. 

Otherwise, turn the orange tip clockwise for the removal.

Do it slowly and gently, do not rush as you don’t want to damage any material. 

Method 3: Get a Knife

You can use a knife to scrape off the edge of where the pin is installed. You may want to do it safely.

Using a knife is a good alternative to a drill machine. This depends on the type of gun you have. You may either have a rifle or a pistol.

If you have a pistol, do not expose this to the power of drill machines. You may scrape off more areas and may damage the front end of the pistol.

So, we can say that using a knife is safer than a drill machine. 

Taking the tip-off from a rifle is much easier. You can use a knife easily to take off the glue. This will allow the pin to expose itself. 

Then use a plier to take the pin off. 

When the pin is out, use any coverings to cover the barrel. A rifle or a pistol, or perhaps a real gun with orange tips, you must be careful. You have to apply the same measures to protect its framework. 

So, when you are playing, you will be satisfied with its performance. 

The most commonly used airsoft gun is a rifle. The barrel of the rifles has big holes in it. Using the holes, you can easily take off the orange tip.

You can first use a knife to scrape the pin edges. After that when the tip is loose, a screwdriver can be pushed into the barrel holes. Then use the screwdriver force to move the orange tip in a clockwise direction. 

There you have it, the orange tip is off!

Method 4: Allen Key and Plastic Band

The pins of the orange tips are really small. It is really hard to find the right Allen key for the pins. Try to use the smallest one you can find. 

The smallest Allen key is around 2mm in size.

With a metal framework, taking the tip-off with just an Allen key can be difficult. You can again dip the metal tip into boiled water to weaken the glue. After this, you can use an Allen key to take it off. 

The smallest Allen key is hard to handle. You can definitely use a plier to hold the Allen key. After a little twist and turn, you will see that the pin is out. 

Now take a rubber band or a plastic band. Wrap this around the orange tip to get a better grip. Do not try to pull the orange tip off, you may hurt yourself.

You can use a plier to hold the larger orange tip and turn it clockwise. Do it slowly and keep turning it with patience. The tip will eventually come off. 

You may want to keep the rubber band on the plastic while turning it. Remember, you are using a plier, not a hand. This will safeguard both the plastic and the metal barrel inside. 

This is helping you understand how to remove the plastic orange tips from a metal barrel. 

It is not recommended to use a screwdriver to scrape the plastic. It won’t work because screwdrivers are not sharp enough. 

Use a screwdriver only if the orange tip is locked with a screw. 

Method 5: Use a Dremel

To know how to remove the orange tip with a pin, you should know what a Dremel is.

Dremel is a powerful tool that is usually used to cut metal or plastic surfaces. You would require a small Dremel, probably the 3000 series. This will allow a healthy cut. 

Small Dremels spin really fast and may cut through the plastic in one go. Make sure you have a firm grip over it. You do not want to cut deeper through the barrel.

When you are using a drill machine, you can safely create a hole around the pin. The holes allow the pin to pop up. This is not the case for a Dremel.

The Dremels are used to cut the orange tip in half. This includes gently cutting the orange tip in a straight direction at two ends. 

It takes a few minutes to cut the tip using a Dremel. If you want to do it fast or smoothly, you can use hot water again.

You don’t have to play with the pin here, you are removing the tip altogether. 

Don’t be afraid to break the plastic tip as long as the barrel is fine. You can again use a plier to remove the broken parts. Slowly and maturely you will take the tip-off. 


Why is there an orange tip on top of the gun?

It is required by federal law that the manufacturer install an orange tip on the top. You are not allowed to bring a gun in the public without the orange tip.

What are the different functions of a pin or a screw?

If the orange tip is screwed to the barrel, you can just use a screwdriver. This will remove the orange tip. However, if there is a pin, you can use the five methods outlined. 

What is the difference between an airsoft gun and a real gun?

The difference is simple. The real gun has the power to kill whereas the airsoft gun is just a toy. A shot from a real gun travels much faster than that of an airsoft gun. 


In conclusion, we suggest you behave gently with your gun. While learning how to remove the orange tip with the pin you may feel confused. Because you may not know which method to apply.

Start with what makes you feel good. Be comfortable and patient, this will seal the deal!

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