There is no right equation for falling for someone who is perfect for you, and your heart will choose to love who it wants you to love. If you happen to date someone who is from a different race than you, then you need to keep your eyes open for the stigma that interracial dating has in store for you.

Respect each other’s upbringing and culture

You and your partner came from different cultures and were brought up with different upbringings in respect to your own race’s tradition and culture. You need to fully understand that though you both have feelings for each other, there will be times when your beliefs, your faith, your personalities will clash due to the difference in how you were raised. To date successfully, you both need to respect each other’s race, and need to be open-minded in understanding that you are different.

Never make assumptions based on race

In every race or family or religion, there will always be a stereotype. But you both need to take note that in every group there is someone different. Never assume anything about each other based on your race. What is true for most in a particular race may not be true to one. Always make it a point to talk to each other a lot, and see where each of you stands with your relationship and with your differences.

Be ready for criticisms

Interracial dating remains to be something that should not happen for some people. You both need to be ready to be criticized by society for your choices, and there may be a possibility that our number of friends will dwindle. When love is string, you can bring your relationship to success, but you just need to be strong for each other. Use every negative thing about interracial dating into a motivation why your relationship will work and grow stable.