Is CCW Positive or Negative? ( Explained)

While you are ready to go into action with your CCW, there’s always this question. Whether it is positive or negative. We know it’s a big confusion.

So, so you are wondering is CCW positive or negative?

CCW is negative. In concealed-carry weapons and airsoft guns, CCW means counterclockwise movement. Since the direction is counterclockwise, thus, it is considered negative. This counterclockwise movement is directly dependent on the barrel threads and the barrel adapter of the source.

But knowing only this much isn’t enough. So we have written a whole article explaining. Be sure to stick till the end!

Is CCW Positive or Negative?- Part Based

Whether your concealed carry weapon is positive or negative mainly depends on two parts. That is the motor and barrel of your handgun.

If the rotation of these parts is clockwise then it’s positive. On the other hand, if it is counterclockwise then it is negative. In the case of your CCW, it is negative.

Now let us break down these facts into your understandable categories.

1. CCW Threads

The threads of the barrel are counterclockwise in CCWs. You can check it out for yourself. You might wonder if should I check the barrel threads from the front or behind. Be sure to always check it from the front. 

While doing so, keep the muzzle pointed towards you. You will see that the CCW threading will turn left for tightening. Because its direction is counterclockwise.

On the other hand, it will be loosened up if you turn it left. That is because you are rotating it on the opposite side of its prime direction.

In your high school physics books, maybe you have read the relation between polarity and clockwise movement.

If the movement is clockwise then it is considered positive. And if it is counterclockwise then it is considered negative.

Since the barrel threads’ movements are counterclockwise, they can be considered negative.

2. CCW Barrel Adapter 

Another part you have to consider is your barrel adapter. So what does a barrel adapter do? An adapter allows the user to convert his/her CW-type outer barrel thread into a CCW-type outer thread barrel.

A barrel adapter is attached to a barrel. It is not necessary for the barrel and the barrel adapter to be both CCW. That means while the barrel can possess clockwise rotation, the adapter can possess the opposite.

Even if your barrel is a CW or clockwise rotating one, the direction can be changed. And it is exactly what is done with the adapter. It changes the moment direction of the rotation from clockwise to counterclockwise. 

We already know that the clockwise direction indicates a positive. On the other hand, the counterclockwise indicates negative.

So, with the adapter, even if you possess a clockwise moving barrel, you can always change it by using the adapter. 

Now you might think, can I use adapter on the suppressor? Yes, you can. Like in 5.56 mm rifle and AR15 you might consider using 308 suppressors but in a role of sub-caliber.
But choosing the right adapter for you is also a big challenge. So we have enlisted some of our suggestions that you might want to check out:

Hope you find these suggestions helpful!

Precautions Before Using CCW

Although it is fun carrying a CCW with you, there are some things you should keep in mind. If not used safely and properly, there can be serious risks from using CCW.

So what are the precautions for using CCW?

Mainly they are four. Here is a brief explanation about them:

1. Travel Safety

For those of you with a CCW permit, most probably you carry it all the time. Maybe you have specific clothing built for CCW. That’s all well and nice. But there are some places where you are simply not allowed to.

An airport is a firearm-prohibited zone. And if you are caught carrying a CCW in your waist there, you will be detained. Also in places like Europe, CCWs are frowned upon. 

So, before traveling, always be sure to check if CCW is allowed where you are going. If not, keep yourself from doing it.

2. Holster Check

You know what the holster is. It is where you keep your CCW attached. And we get it if you feel bothered to remove the hostler every day.

So should I keep my hostler on?

No, you shouldn’t keep your hostler on all the time. Because even if you don’t carry your CCW, you can still get arrested for having your hostler. In the USA, court officials often ban people from carrying a hostler. Also, you can be removed from private property by officials if seen with CCW accessories lie hostler.

So, build a habit of always removing your hostler when you come back home. Then before going somewhere else, you will think twice before putting it on.

3. No Permit for Outsider

While applying for a permit the first thing you should consider is if you are a citizen. 

So can anyone apply for a CCW permit in Europe? 

The answer is no. With other detailed circumstantial conditions, a big factor is whether or not you are a citizen.

If you are not a citizen then you will just be rejected if you apply for the CCW permit. But being rejected is not the only problem.

It might raise some red flags against you. Cause the first thing that comes to mind in these cases is why would a visitor need protection.

So, if you are in for a short-term stay, it is better to keep a low profile.

4. No Pro-gun Tshirts

While you might love that pro-gun T-shirt of yours, it’s enough to get you in trouble. In the USA freedom of expression is granted. However, the same is not true for all parts of Europe.

In some cases, you might be stopped for questioning by legal authorities for wearing these T-shirts. You might even get searched if found suspicious. 

In the USA, although guns are not something comfortable, it’s quite common among citizens. But in Europe, the use of arms is frowned upon and heavily restricted.

Thus you should not portray an image that gets in the way of your day-to-day life.

So, by abiding by these precautions you can use and carry your CCW without worrying.

Which is Better? CW or CCW?

Theoretically, both of them should do the work. Mainly the difference between CW and CCW is that the threads and barrel adapters move in opposite directions.

The CW moves clockwise making it positive and the CCW moves counterclockwise making it negative.

This movement doesn’t have much effect on the bullet’s velocity or accuracy. So, you don’t have to worry about the performance.

The only thing that matters is which feels right to you. So before choosing one, try out both of them. Feel which one seems right to you.

Once you hold and use your CW or CCW, you should feel the difference. One will surely feel more comfortable because of the vector diversions. Be sure to go for that!


Can Direct thread be bad for a suppressor?

Direct thread suppressors have the tendency to be unscrewed or back off on it’s own. As long as you are careful about it, it isn’t a big problem. But if you are not, it can slowly damage your suppressor. That happens via the baffle strike. It occurs when your suppressor is loosely attached to the host gun.

What is the max FPS allowed for Airsoft?

The max FPS allowed for Airsoft is 500 fps. It can also be derived as 2.31 Jules maximum. But of course, the engagement distance has to be more than 100’. If the distance is any lower than this then it might be harmful. In that case, airsoft reserves all rights to disallow any weapon. Violators are punished. 

What are the granted causes for CCW in CA?

Good causes that are often granted for using CCW  might include various reasons. For instance, you or a member of your family is in grave or immediate danger. Maybe you have completed a full firearm training course and are adept at using it. Also, you might get a license if you meet certain requirements of residency. 

Does barrel length do anything in the pistol?

Yes, barrel length directly affects the pistol by changing the bullet velocity. The longer a barrel is, the higher velocity it can produce. This theory is applicable to handguns, rifles, and shotguns too. But of course, there is a limit. If the barrel is too long then it reduces the velocity of the bullet before it can exit. 


Now let us hear your opinion. Were you able to get is ccw positive or negative?

Here’s some extra information for sticking with us. If you are a US citizen then you don’t need a permit to carry a CCW within your own property. 

If there is anything left on your mind, be sure to comment down below.

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