Nerf Rhino Fire Not Working (Troubleshooting Guide)

We know you hate it when suddenly one of your Nerf guns stops working. Well, this is a common problem with automatic blasters like Nerf Rhino Fire and that’s why you’re here.

There can be a few reasons behind the Nerf Rhino Fire not working. As Nerf Rhino Fire requires batteries to work, it will be wise to check those first. There may be other issues such as a faulty motor or circuit board, wiring problems, and trigger failure. Darts can get jammed in the drum or inside the gun too.

This is just a glimpse into the problems that may cause the blaster firing problems. But there’s a lot more to know and talk about the issues mentioned.

Overview of Nerf Rhino Fire

Released in the latter part of 2014, Nerf Rhino Fire is an automatic blaster that Nerf fanatics dearly love. It falls under the Nerf N-Strike Elite series of guns. It has a working motor inside that can shoot up to 3-4 darts per second. 

It needs six ‘D’ batteries to power its motor. The blaster comes bundled with two 25 darts drums, a total of 50 elite darts, and a tripod.

The average fire distance for the gun is 50 feet when shot flat with the surface and 80 feet when angled. It features two jamming doors and a single trigger. Pressing the trigger down automatically shoots continuous darts.

There is an attachment lug on the blaster for easier tripod mounting. It can be easily used to attach a Vulcan tripod to the gun.

It also features four tactical rails. This blaster is quite different from other N-Strike Elite models such as Disruptor and Strongarm.

This blaster gun is highly moddable. 

Nerf Rhino Fire Not Working: The Problems

Quite a few issues with the gun can result in it not working. It is difficult to discuss all the issues and give solutions to each one.

Problem 1: Discharged Battery

The blaster requires six ‘D’ batteries to power its internals. The first thing that you should check if your Rhino is not working is the batteries. If the batteries have been discharged, it won’t power the motor.

If the motor doesn’t get enough power supply, the blaster gun will not function at all. Along with that check the battery contact point also. If the contact pad is faulty, the blaster won’t work properly.

Problem 2: Faulty Motor

As Nerf Rhino Fire is an automatic gun, it features a motor inside of it. The motor is connected to the shooting barrel.

Thus, it can achieve continuous shooting. But as firing darts completely depend on the motor, a faulty motor can make the gun not work.

If the coil inside the motor is burned or the wire within the motor has some connection issue, the motor can become unusable. Without a working motor, the blaster will not function at all.

Problem 3: Circuit Issues

To ensure the power supply from the batteries to the motor, a circuit is installed within the blaster gun. If there is any issue with the circuit, the gun can stop working.

If both the battery and the motor are found to be okay, then the circuit is to be blamed.

A circuit issue will disrupt the charge traveling from the battery to the firing motor. Thus, the gun won’t receive any power and won’t shoot the darts.

Problem 4: Wiring Problems

It is one of the main reasons behind a Nerf gun not working. As the Nerf gun gets old and used, its internal component starts to wear out.

A wiring issue with the gun can start from there. It disrupts the flow of energy within the gun.

If there’s a wiring problem with the Nerf gun, there will be power-related issues. As Nerf Rhino Fire is an automatic gun, any issues with the internal wiring will end up killing the gun. As a result, the fire will not work.

Problem 5: Trigger Struck

The trigger of the Nerf Rhino Fire has two stages. It is a combination of both firing and acceleration triggers.

When pushed down halfway, it activates the acceleration and revs up the flywheel. Only by pressing the trigger down all the way, you can fire darts.

As it is a two-stage trigger, it is more prone to getting stuck. If the trigger gets struck, the gun will stop working. If the trigger gets stuck on the firing stage, the gun will keep on firing until it has emptied its clips.

Problem 6: Jamming

As the gun is simultaneously dealing with two clips, it can be susceptible to jamming. There are two jam doors on the guns to help with the dart jamming. But still, darts can get jammed within the clip and cause the gun to not work.

Also, the Nerf Rhino Fire feature and electronic lock system. This doesn’t allow the gun to blast darts until both clips have been inserted into their respective chambers.

How to Fix A Nerf Rhino Fire That Isn’t Working

First, check if the batteries are charged or not. Batteries are an essential component of the Nerf Rhino Fire.

Change the batteries if needed and check whether it fixes the issue or not. If batteries aren’t the problem, then proceed to check the motor and circuit board.

Check for any broken or burned parts within the motor and circuit board. You will have to replace them if the problem lies within them.

If the motor and circuit board is okay, check for any wiring issues. Try unsoldering and resoldering the connections.

If the trigger of the blaster is stuck, open it up and check for any blockage or broken part. Remove the obstacle and reassemble the blaster. Ensure that you have inserted both clips before trying to fire the blaster.

Without inserting both clips, you can’t get it working. In case of jamming, use the jam doors or identify where the darts are getting stuck and resolve that issue.

If you have followed the instructions thoroughly, you should get the blaster working.


Does Nerf Rhino Fire have a single fire mode?

No, it doesn’t. It is an automatic gun powered by a motor.

Can Nerf Rhino Fire shoot with only one clip attached?

No, it can’t. Nerf Rhino Fire needs both clips to be able to fire.

Can I mod Nerf Rhino Fire?

Yes, you can. The blaster has great modding potential. 

Wrap Up!

With that, we have reached the end. We hope now you have a clear understanding of – why is your Nerf Rhino Fire not working and how to fix it.

If you still can’t figure out the problem, we recommend you take it to a friend who knows how to fix broken guns.

Best of luck with your future endeavors.

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