Nerf Strongarm vs Maverick (The Better Sidearm)

Nerf war fanatics always want the best deal for themselves. Whether you are among them or not, choosing a nerf sidearm is a difficult task.

It becomes tougher to choose when the blasters look identical. For instance, Maverick and Strongarm.

Both Maverick and Strongarm are very capable revolver-style blasters. So, which one should you choose between nerf strongarm vs maverick?

Nerf Strongarm is better than Maverick. It is newer, faster, and more powerful. Strongarm features a slamfire action that completely wipes out Maverick’s single dart fire. Strongarm’s barrel rotates on plunger return whereas Maverick has trigger pull rotation. It helps Strongarm to prevent jamming.

Besides that, there are more things to talk about these two blasters. Despite the similarities in outlook, both guns have different characteristics that fuel this comparison.

If you want to learn more about the differences, keep reading.

Overview of Nerf Maverick and Strongarm

nerf strongarm vs maverick

Released in 2005, Nerf Maverick is one of the most popular Nerf guns in the nerfing community. Almost every nerf warrior has owned or used this blaster.

It is a classic revolver-style gun that can hold up to six darts in its cylinder.

It can shoot up to two darts per second. The range on this blaster is realized at 25 to 35 feet. It is compatible with micro and tagger micro darts, elite darts as well as whistler darts. But, the gun is quite prone to jamming.

Successor to the Maverick, Nerf Strongarm was released in 2013. Slam fire was added to Strongarm to make it capable of shooting multiple darts at a time. The barrel of this blaster rotates on plunger return.

The cylinder of Nerf Strongarm can house six darts as well. But the range of this gun was extended to 75 feet.

But if you use slam fire on this blaster, the range can decrease by around 10 feet. It can slam fire 3-4 darts at a time and supports elite darts.

Later, Disruptor was released as a refresh to Nerf Strongarm. Both Disruptor and Strongarm have similarities with distinct feature upgrades. But Strongarm is still an iconic gun and loved by modders.

Here are some accessories for Strongarm that you may like –

Nerf Strongarm vs Maverick: Differences At Glance

Though the outlook of Strongarm and Maverick are quite identical, there are key differences between these two blasters.

These factors may not be obvious at first sight; but with some research and inspection, you can identify them easily.

Let’s now look at the distinctive differences between these two very capable revolver blasters –

Comparison FactorsNerf StrongarmNerf Maverick
Release time20132005
Dimensions (LxWxH)14.49 x 2.87 x 7.52 inches12.09 x 3.03 x 8.94 inches
Shooting range75 feet 35 feet
Mode of fireSlam fire, single fireSingle fire
Cylinder rotationPlunger returnTrigger pull

Nerf Strongarm vs Maverick: A Deeper Look

Now, you know the basic specifications and key differences between the two blasters. But that’s not enough for a conclusive result to your query.

To realize the practical differences and choose the better blaster, you will require an in-depth view of it. So, let’s start –

1. Mode of Fire

The one category that is enough to set Nerf Strongarm and Maverick apart is their mode of fire.

Maverick features a conventional single fire mode, with which you can shoot 1-2 darts per second. Whereas, with Strongarm, you get slam-fire action.

Slam fire of Strongarm lets you shoot 3-4 darts per second which is a major step up from Maverick. It will help you significantly in your nerf wars. It is a major advantage to have over your opponents.

You can set your Strongarm to single fire mode as it supports that too. So, you get the opportunity to experiment and know which firing mode works the best for you. 

In the single fire mode, both the blasters can shoot 1-2 darts per second.

So, in terms of mode of fire, Nerf Strongarm is a clear winner having slam-fire action. In nerf wars, Strongarm will demolish Maverick, thanks to this one feature.

2. Firing Range

Again a category where Strongarm is way ahead of Maverick. Released 8 years before Strongarm, Maverick can shoot darts up to 35 feet.

Whereas, Strongarm can shoot darts to a whopping 75 feet distance, more than double that of Maverick.

While slam fire mode is activated, Strongarm’s firing range drops down around 10 feet. With that drawback too, it has a significantly better range than Nerf Maverick, which is a great plus point in its favor.

So, if you are seeking a modern and powerful blaster, Strongarm should be on your list ahead of Maverick.

3. Cylinder Rotation

The barrel rotation mechanism of such revolver-style nerf blasters is a key thing to consider. If the rotating mechanism has flaws, it can cause jamming in the barrel and not shoot darts.

Nerf Strongarm’s barrel rotates on plunger return, which allows the blaster to slam fire as well. On the contrary, Maverick’s barrel only rotates a trigger pull. Rotation of the drum at a trigger pull can cause jamming at times.

But drums rotating on plunger return are quite preventive of jamming. It lets the dart cylinder rotate smoothly and fire faster as well. So, we have to give this one to Nerf Strongarm as well.

Both the guns feature classic flip-out rotating drums. It is really fun to reload and play with the guns.

4. Hand Grip

People don’t have similar palm structures. So, this one mainly comes down to personal preference. But build quality wise the handgrip of Strongarm seems a lot better than Maverick.

Nerf Strongarm’s handle features a narrow extension. It gives the blaster a firmer grip compared to Maverick. In our testing, Strongarm was the more comfortable gun out of the two.

From the aesthetic purpose as well, Nerf Strongarm’s hand grip looks better than the Maverick’s. It looks cleaner and modern. If possible, we would recommend you try out both guns to see which one fits your palm better.

The Verdict – Which Is Better?

To us, Nerf Strongarm is a clear winner. Having more power, plunger return rotation, better range, slam fire, and comfortable grip, it surpasses Maverick in almost every category. Strongarm is a clear upgrade from Maverick, thus a better blaster.

But Maverick is an OG gun. It will take you back to the nerfing roots and let you feel how nerf guns have evolved over time. It is still a very capable blaster. So, the choice is up to you.

If you are a nerf war fanatic, Nerf Strongarm must be your choice given the improvements over Maverick’s features. Using Strongarm against Maverick in a nerf war will award you with an advantage factor.


How do Maverick and Strongarm compare to Disruptor?

Disruptor is an overall better blaster than both Maverick and Strongarm in stock profile.

Do Strongarm and Maverick have tactical rail?

Yes. Both the blasters feature a tactical rail on top of the gun.

Can I play Russian roulette with Strongarm and Maverick?

Yes, you can. Both the blasters have a flip-out rotating drum.

Wrap Up!

So that was our comparison between Nerf Strongarm vs Maverick. Strongarm seems overall a better gun than Maverick. But, you can’t go wrong with Maverick as well.

Hope this article has resolved your query about the differences between these two guns. Choose your sidearm wisely. Best of luck!

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