Marriage in the eyes of God is a sacred ceremony that binds a married couple for the rest of their lives. The Bible plays a huge role in the commitment, dedication, and loyalty of the married couples, as it is the teachings of the Bible that the married couples follow through in their Christian religion.

The Bible on interracial marriage

There is no mention in the Bible about the prohibition of interracial marriages. In fact, there are many citations about the men of God marrying women from different races or different skin. For example, Moses’s wife is a Cushite or Ethiopian woman, and Aaron and Miriam disapproved of the union. But God did not take the side of Moses’s siblings, and was actually with the two for criticizing the marriage of Moses and his wife.

Though there are verses in the Bible about not marrying sons and daughters from a different ethnicity, the citation is focused on not joining a marriage with individuals who are from different faiths. The people who believe in God were not allowed to marry those who worships pagans, or those without any beliefs. In the Bible, there is only a conflict with interracial marriages if the couples did not share the same faith. But if both couples who came from different upbringings and have varying ethnicities and skin color come together in one faith for the Christian God, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with their union in the eyes of God.

Final thought

Interracial marriage is not a mistake nor is it against the Bible to marry someone with a different race. What is wrong when is when people marry for the wrong reasons and neglect all the wedding vows spoken during the wedding. When true happiness is found in love, race is not an issue with God and mankind’s law.